Liv. Liv means life in Swedish.

 As a young girl, I grew up in Southern Sweden by the ocean. My first real passion for the arts was in theatre and that passion brought me around the world. Acting led to music and I discovered that singing and song, is a wonderful way to connect with people beyond language and borders. I learned songs from Ukraine, Armenia and Hungary. In my early twenties, with a guitar from my old neighbor’s attic and a boyfriend showing me how to play a tune, I started writing down my own ideas.

In 2004, I had an opportunity to move to the Pacific Northwest of America and help build a log-recording studio. I hit the ground running, literally. Digging, peeling logs, operating the boom truck, you name it, to help create a space for music to be born.

In my spare time, I would set up a microphone and lay down vocal and guitar tracks. Little by little, one grain at a time, an album was being born. During this time, I was also honored to sing on a fellow musician’s CD which went on to receive a Grammy nomination.

Over a decade later with the help of producer, engineer and musician TJ Morris, the project was written, guided and recorded. Each song has a variety of local musicians who graciously accompanied me in the process of creating this unique set of music.

Djup Källa, (pronounced;"yupe Shellah") means Deep Well. I believe everyone has a deep well of creativity inside. It’s a beautiful thing that should be encouraged and helped to blossom. The songs on my album are a mix of English and Swedish. It was important to me to honor and give back to this beautiful country as well as the country I grew up in.  

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my web site. My debut album Djup Källa is now complete and my musical journey continues….I hope to cross paths with you down the river!