Petra Ståhl: All Vocals, Guitar; 2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10

TJ Morris: All Drums, percussion and Reason tracks* Vocals; 2,10  Balaphon;6,7,8 Kalimba;1,3 Moog moog Voyager;4

Brian Hutchison: Guitar; 1,2,3,4,6,9 Mandolin;4

Nancy Rumbel: Oboe;2 English horn;7

Ann Lindquist: Contrabass Flute;8

Roman Morykit: Guitar;2,8,9 Bass;2,8,9

Clipper Anderson: Upright Bass;5

Dan Davison: Piano;5

Dave Keenan: Mandolin Track;5

Jacob Zimmerman: Clarinet;3,8

Eric Jaeger: Guitar;1 Electric Guitar;4

Bob Antolin: Guitar;2

Randy Clere: Bass;6

Dan Mohler: Bass;2,7

Oh, and yes…Petra stirred the soup with snare drum brushes for the first 5 seconds of Union!

* Propellerhead Reason instruments used on:

Bygga Drömmen:Bass 


Varva Ner:Bass,Percussion Loop